1f Jef .Your Personal Driver.

Packages and/or Passengers

If Jef can carry up to 6 passengers with a light load of packages, or any combination in between.

It's fun to go places with a group to a local spot for a coffee and chat, or even to a further away spot such as a bike trail in West Virginia for the weekend. 

If Jef 

is a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER -with 27 successful years in the business of driving people and packages - for hire as your PERSONAL DRIVER. 

Get in touch with If Jef for your transportation needs. 

Some things about If Jef that you may want to know.

  • Maintained defensive driver course certification.
  • Current 1st Aid/Emergency CPR certification.
  • Spotless criminal record background check.
  • Vehicle serviced in ASE certified facilities.
  • Pointless driver license.

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