Your Personal Driver

Passenger or Package

1fJef .Your Personal Driver.

Uberific rates

Uber certified and insured. Schedule your next ride in advance. Up to 6 riders plus room for lightluggage.

Charity cases

Life happens while we are busy making other plans. Is this your story? Get in touch with If.

express package

Certified and insured through Capitol Express. What do you need expressed? Get in touch.

custom jobs

CUSTOM JOBS-Cycle Tours  Local or long distance SAG wagon. Transport up to 4 riders with bikes.

Driving and people are fun.

– 1f

Based in Columbus, Ohio

Every job has to start somewhere, and usually ends somewhere, too.

1fJef .Your Personal Driver. is located in the Central Ohio area. 


Miles with smiles.

Smiles go a long way to shorten the miles. ~ 1f Jef

"When this guy is driving I feel safe sleeping all the way. 1f is the best" ~ Penelope Paulson

"Jef isn't the cheapest, but I don't want the cheapest driving me. I want to arrive safe and sound. I call 1f." ~ Mrs. Terri McLaughlin

"Everybody has their favorite to call when a dire circumstance arises. Mine is 1f Jef" ~ Pastor Pauly

"My buddies and me like to bike on trails that are out of the Cbus area. We call this guy every time and have him bring his bike, too!" ~ Fred B.

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